How to connect bulb to the switch

How to connect bulb to the switch

After entrance to the new dwelling it is necessary to fix set of small problems or defects. It is good if there are skills of work with electrical wiring and connection of bulb to the switch is not problem, but not all of us are electricians therefore it is necessary to master elements independently. It is better to deal with wiring during daylight hours while the room is lit with daylight.

It is required to you

  • - bulb;
  • - voltmeter;
  • - socket;
  • - electrical wires.


1. The electrical circuit consists of the relay, the switch, the safety lock and crossing point. All these components have to be among themselves connected to the help of wires. Before connection of bulb the study and check of chain are necessary.

2. Problems in work of wiring can be caused by unreliable contacts, the oxidized parts, the fused crossing points and safety locks. The condition of all parts and connections is checked visually and also by means of controlling instruments.

3. Having removed from wall switch it is possible to find 3 wires: two have to conduct upward to bulb and one of the transfer case to the switch. All 3 wires are separated on terminals, at this time it is necessary to leave the switch in the included state as then it is possible to determine phase on each wire by the voltmeter. In the included situation the phase is on the general terminal of the switch. During inclusion of key on the wire connected to lamp the phase moves. In the switched-off condition of wire are deenergized.

4. Then the turn has come to deal with bulb. One wire which is sticking out of ceiling is grounding, the second – phase and the third – zero phase. Each wire connects to the similar wire which is sticking out of bulb which needs to be connected. Then all position of joints are rewound by insulating tape in order to avoid short circuit

5. If on wall there is switch consisting of two keys and there is desire to connect to it 2 lamps, chandelier or the whole group of lamps, then at first feed wires are defined. Then that wire which goes from bulbs or chandelier to contacts of cartridges is connected to zero conductor. The wire of the switch connects to the phase conductor. The wires departing from chandelier join the remained wires departing from the switch.

6. There can be situation when the bulb needs to be connected to the switch in several rooms. In each room there is distribution box, in it conduct wires from electric points and electric guard. These boxes serve for switching of wiring and voltage cables, in that room where there is box. From them wires conduct to sockets and switches.

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