How to connect cooking surface

How to connect cooking surface

Modern cooking surfaces beautiful, strong and incredibly easy to use in operation. And even the food cooked on such cooking panel seems much more tasty. But that the cooking surface has served longer and daily pleased you with the fast heating of rings, it needs to be connected correctly.

It is required to you

  • - heat-resistant glue;
  • - key;
  • - steel flexible hose;
  • - L-shaped union;
  • - laying;
  • - pencil;
  • - fret saw;
  • - cable.


1. Unpack the cooking panel delivered to you and make sure of its integrity and also that there are no defects and defects. Inform of the instruction attached to it.

2. Before connecting the cooking panel, install it: at this stage, as a rule, carry out insert of cooking surface in table-top. For this purpose apply the template delivered complete with the cooking panel to table-top and circle it with pencil. Then, having receded from edges of nacherchenny contour inside on 10 mm, cut in opening table-top. Process edge of cut heat-resistant glue (it you prevent stratifying of table-top and its deformation under the influence of high temperature and moisture).

3. If the surface acquired by you gas before to connect it, make sure that gas pressure in the pipeline corresponds to the indicator demanded for operation of the cooking panel.

4. Connect cooking surface with use of flexible tube. By means of key connect one end of flexible tube to the panel, and the second – to gas pipe. You remember: the minimum length of flexible hose has to be two meters. At the same time this connecting tube should not be bent and adjoin to the cooking panel at all.

5. It is also possible to connect the gas cooking panel about use of nonflexible pipe. Using special laying and the L-shaped union, attach the cooking panel to gas pipe.

6. To connect the electrical cooking panel, take care of availability of separate cable with the individual time cut-out. At the same time the area of cut of veins of such cable has to be not less than four square millimeters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team