How to connect doormat

How to connect doormat

Knitted doormats look very beautifully, especially in interior of rural houses. You should not spend money as they are made of old unnecessary things for production of such doormat.

  • - old children's tights
  • - thick hook
  • - scissors

1. Best of all on material old children's tights will be suitable for future doormat. Cut them on tapes one and a half wide – two centimeters, circling across weaving of threads in the direction from sock to elastic band. Connect separate rags of fabric, knotting. Also you can use any unnecessary things from soft and strong fabrics: jeans, knitted jackets, cotton shirts. For knitting of doormats it is very convenient to use inlay – the long synthetic film winded in the coil. But its minus is that it is made not of natural materials, and the product from it bad will absorb moisture (for example if something on it spills) and to knit it not really pleasantly for hands. You also need thick hook and scissors.

2. Wind the cut fabric in balls and distribute them on color gamma. Choose the most combined from them for production of doormat.

3. If you want to make doormat of round shape, connect chain of eight air loops from tape and close it in ring. Tie with its columns without nakid, without doing additions. Further connect row from ten columns with nakidy. Continue knitting around to diameter necessary to you, evenly adding number of columns in each row that the doormat has turned out equal. Change colors at the beginning of row to make strips. That they turned out equal, knit not less than two – three rows of every color. If to connect only one row by columns without nakid, the line will turn out zigzag.

4. To make rectangular rug, connect chain of air loops which length has to be width of your future product. Count quantity of loops further to knit identical ranks, otherwise the doormat will be uneven. Tie chain with columns without nakid and continue to knit to length necessary to you, changing colors at the beginning of row. Dovyazav up to the end, make fringing of columns without nakid on perimeter of all product. Fix the last loop and cut off tape.

5. After you have connected doormat, attentively see it to find small knots which have turned out at you in those places where you connected different tapes. Disguise them, having inserted directly in loops, and cut off excess tails. It was necessary only to wash and starch doormat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team