How to connect electric stove

How to connect electric stove

Electric stoves are difficult devices which are equipped with timers and sensors. The working surface of some of them is made of glass-ceramic material under which there are tena. The most important in independent connection of electric stove – branching of wires on terminals. Your safety will depend on it.


1. Release plate from packing and examine whether there are no mechanical damages, check completeness. Further make sure that the wiring which is available for you is enough for connection. The input cable has to be copper and its section has to be not less than 6 mm2. The input automatic machine has to be 40-50A. For additional security measures it is better to install the protective device - the OUZO calculated on current not less than 40-50 and 30mA leakage current.

2. To the electric stove there has to be separate wire which section not less than 4 mm2. In cable there have to be three veins – on zero, the earth and phase. Connect the earth and zero on board on different blocks – the earth to the body, and zero on the tire isolated from the body. The tire has to be surely connected by wire to zero exit of OUZO. Connect phase on the automatic machine with face value, depending on the introduction automatic machine. Import plates allow three-phase connection. It is reached by breakdown of chains, i.e. the first phase – oven, the second – two rings, the third – two more rings.

3. Install the power socket with three or five contacts and connect it. Sockets are both internal, and external what to deliver to you, define.

4. Attach power fork to wire. If fork with three contacts – the wire has to be three-core with a section of 4 mm if fork with five contacts – take five-vein wire the section of 1.5 mm.

5. Connect electric stove to cable. Surely make sure that the input automatic machine is switched off! Focus attention on what black or brown wires is phase (L), blue – zero (N), and flavovirent – the earth. It is connected to the board body, and after the socket to the electric stove body.

6. Include electric stove fork in the socket, establish it on level, make trial start. If all of you have connected correctly, then it is possible to start cooking. Enjoy your meal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team