How to connect electrooven

How to connect electrooven

Modern electric ovens are quite difficult equipment. Independent connection of ovens is possible only if you are the qualified electrician. The wrong mounting and connection of electrooven can lead to its breakdown.

It is required to you

  • - construction level;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - fork.


1. Attentively examine and check electrooven. If you have found any damages which have arisen when transporting - it is impossible to connect cabinet.

2. Carefully to vyverta the niche intended for installation of electrooven, using construction level. To inadmissibly establish oven on uneven surface as it will lead to distortion of cabinet and, as a result, to the wrong distribution of heat and problems in work of oven. Make sure that between the back panel and floor of niche there is gap intended for ventilation. The size of this gap has to be not less than 85 mm. The minimum clearance between walls of electrooven and internal walls of niche has to make not less than 5 mm from each party. The minimum clearance between back wall of oven and niche has to make, at least, 30 mm.

3. Make sure that the frequency and tension of your power supply network conform to requirements for installation of the device. For this purpose, study the name plate of electrooven. Equip device feeder cable with the fork maintaining the loading set on the plate. If the oven is connected to network without use of fork it is necessary to install the disconnecting device, with the disconnected poles. This measure is provided by requirements of technical safety. Using flat blade screwdriver, open the back cover located in the lower part of oven. Turn off coupler screw and collar of cable. Connect wires to the corresponding terminals. At the same time, the earth wire has to be connected to the electrooven terminal

4. Accurately establish oven in niche. At installation of cabinet use special shipping handles. To inadmissibly use oven door as the lever.

5. Attach oven to furniture by means of screws and assembly washers which are included in the delivery package.

6. Remove all protective films used when transporting the device

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