How to connect extract

How to connect extract

The extract in kitchen is necessary for air purification and protection of kitchen furniture against soot. If not to put extract, just repaired kitchen will demand new repair soon. Dome extracts are the most widespread.

1. As the extract works from electricity, the very first stage is laying of electric cable and installation of the separate socket. For this purpose it is necessary to mark wall, on marking to chisel through stroba. If repair is already finished also wall it is impossible to strobit, then wires can be hidden in plastic box. All modern extracts are equipped with the three-conductor cable (grounding, zero and phase). Connect all wires, according to the scheme specified in the instruction.

2. The extract is established already upon termination of repair when all furniture costs on the places. The arrangement of extract is planned by means of the level and pencil. The distance from extract to the electric stove has to be not less than 70 cm, to gas – 80 cm.

3. In the place of fastening of extract do openings, support put to wall and fasten. On these support put extract. Surely observe horizontal position of fastening, otherwise it threatens not only with loss of esthetic look, but also maloperation of the unit. It is possible to adjust situation by means of special type bolts.

4. The extract needs to be connected to ventilation system. For this purpose select air ducts and fastenings. It is necessary to choose pipes together with the choice of extract. They have to be round about diameter of 120-150 mm. You should not choose too curved and long air duct. Corrugated pipes are less preferable, than smooth as they create a lot of noise during operating time. For the same reason it is desirable to minimize pipe bends as each knee reduces efficiency of ventilation. Connect air vent to air duct by means of box. Joints have to be hermetic.

5. After full mounting of extract, it is included in network and started. The casing of extract is established after the operability of the device is checked.

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