How to connect five-horn chandelier

How to connect five-horn chandelier

In five-horn chandelier of bulb are united in two groups in one of which their two, and in another - three. Using the two-key switch, it is possible to choose the number of at the same time illuminated lamps stepwise: 0, 2, 3 or 5.

1. Define what of three wires leaving chandelier is the general. For this purpose, so far it does not hang on ceiling yet, and lies on table, uncover all cartridges and by means of tester find the wire connected to the general contacts of one and all cartridges. Mark it by means of small sticker from insulating tape. After that put on covers cartridges back.

2. Now find the general wire among those which leave ceiling. Include both keys of the switch, and then find the phase indicator two conductors at which there is phase tension. Do not concern at the same time current carrying parts, except the indicator sensor, but reaped not it at all.

3. That wire on which there is no phase tension and is the general. Remember it. Disconnect both keys of the switch, and then the automatic machine in the stairwell. Having made sure that in the apartment all chandeliers do not join any more, mark the general wire as it is stated above.

4. Having hung up chandelier on hook, connect it so that the general wire leaving ceiling has been connected to the general wire of the lamp. Attach the remained wires to free contacts of the terminal block. Do not allow short circuits. Check whether strongly the chandelier keeps on hook. Twist in it all five bulbs, the power of each of which should not exceed specified in the instruction.

5. Get down from table, turn on the automatic machine in the stairwell then make sure that one key of the switch two bulbs of chandelier, and another - remained three join.

6. It is pleasant to some people when the left key includes two bulbs, and right - three, to others - on the contrary. If the result did not suit you, again switch-off the automatic machine in the stairwell, and then trade places the conductors going to the terminal block from keys, and leave the general on the place. Get down from table, turn on the automatic machine and again check result.

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