How to connect gas in owner-occupied dwelling

How to connect gas in owner-occupied dwelling

Connection of owner-occupied dwelling to the main gas pipeline - rather long process, but it is worth it. Use of fuel of this type saves owners from search of fuel for heating of the building in cool and cold season. Gasification of the house also significantly increases the house cost because comfort level, thanks to natural gas, considerably increases. It is necessary to pass all stages of connection only correctly.


1. Collect documents which are necessary at the beginning of works on gasificationsprivatehouse . Treat them: - permission of the Head architectural and planning department to connection to the gas pipeline; - technical data sheet on the house (the copy, take in BTI); - the survey of the parcel with owner-occupied dwelling certified of local gas service, of scale 1:500 on it communications and the gas pipeline also have to be put; - if the gas pipeline is laid on other site, then the written permission of owners of land is required, but, as a rule, it should be received in Gorgaz.

2. Prepare documents on the gas equipment installed in the house namely: - the certificate of conformity, - the conclusion (permission) that it can be used in housing construction - the contract for further service. Draw up the statement of inspection of flues by service VDPO. Receive specifications. For this purpose address to Gorgaz. Provide the registration certificate BTI on the house, passport data and the identification code there. Write the application for receiving technical conditions for gasification of the housing. This paid service, the decision it is necessary to wait for from 14 to 30 days.

3. Address to the design organization. Surely check the license which is given on performance of this type of works. Know better in Gorgaz what organization they recommend that then problems was less. Coordinate with the design engineer placement gas the equipment in the house and the brand of heating appliances. After readiness of the project, the designer has to coordinate it with technical department of Gorgaz surely. This process takes from 10 to 14 days. After that make calculations and make approximately the estimate of works according to the project documentation. Then issue the contract for maintaining test authority and provide the act of inspection of flues by service VDPO.

4. Sign the contract with the construction organization, having checked previously at it the license for carrying out it like works. About it there has to be entry in the register of Gorgaz. Guarantees from the performer have to be accurately stated in the contract. Make executive technical documentation after mounting of the gas pipeline and all equipment. The performed work is taken over by the special commission into which the customer, the contractor and the representative of Gorgaz enter. The term of acceptance is from 14 to 30 days. Pay the receipt of technical supervision and transfer the copy of installation contractor. After acceptance of works by the commission, provide all documents to Gorgaz and within 21 days the sealing of gasometer will be made. The contract for supply of gas and further service of both the gas pipeline, and gas devices indoors will be signed with you. Pass personnel safety notification in Gorgaz. It will be seen off by the safety engineer.

5. Be connected to the main gas pipeline. For this purpose pay work of special service of inserts, having coordinated previously terms. After that representatives of regional service of gas will open gas cock and will make trial start-up of gas on devices, having checked availability of leaks. Paid service. Perform balancing and commissioning after gas start-up. For this purpose address the organization with which there is contract for service of the gas equipment that it has connected them. This indispensable condition of after-sales service.

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