How to connect gas surface

How to connect gas surface

The built-in household kitchen appliances enjoy the increasing popularity. The most demanded devices of this type are the built-in gas-fires or gas surfaces. Except directly installation, before use it is necessary to connect gas surface correctly.

It is required to you

  • - gas hose;
  • - torque wrench;
  • - three-core wire;
  • - perhaps, terminal strip;
  • - cross and flat screw-drivers.


1. Study the supporting documentation. Carefully check all available documentation which is included in the package of delivery of product. Attentively read the section devoted to installation and connection of gas surface. As a rule, documentation contains both the general recommendations, and quite specific instructions concerning connection process. In particular, the management has to contain information on color designations of wires of system of electric ignition.

2. Prepare the place for connection of gas surface. Lay gas hose and electric wire from which there will be power supply of product to installation site. Remove foreign objects and garbage from installation site.

3. Place gas surface on the place intended for installation. Take from product all freely removed parts (metal supports under ware, blowpipes). Insert the device into the cut created for it in bearing surface.

4. Connect gas surface to the feeding electrical wire. Using documentation, define conclusions for connection of phase, zero and grounding. Connect surface conclusions to the corresponding veins of feed wire. For connection use terminal strips or the method specified in the instruction.

5. Connect surface to gas hose. Clean head of gas branch pipe of the device and nut of gas hose from all pollution. Enclose elastic laying or the filter of rigid cleaning with elastic edge in hose nut. Apply nut to branch pipe. Tighten nut torque wrench or hands.

6. Record surface in installation site. Release the screws attracting fixing brackets. Correct position of the device. Check lack of breaks and strong bends of gas hose. Hook on brackets for edge of bearing surface. Tighten screws.

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