How to connect heat-insulated floors to boiler

How to connect heat-insulated floors to boiler

The most economical and convenient option of heat-insulated floors – water floors with connection to boiler. Such system allows to save large number of the electric power and gives the chance to independently regulate heating temperature. Besides, it is simpler to mount it.

It is required to you

  • - wall boiler for heat-insulated floors;
  • - collector cabinet;
  • - shutoff valves;
  • - compression fitting;
  • - circulating pump;
  • - the thermostat (it is desirable though it is not obligatory).


1. Make installation of heat-insulated floors in sand-cement screed. For this purpose prepare all spare parts of system. Remove the existing tie and distribute all elements of heat-insulated floors on that area where their mounting is planned.

2. Then hang in the convenient location boiler for heat-insulated floors – so that loops of water pipes went from the collector. If you establish floors in own house, then it is reasonable to place the equipment in the specially allotted room. Concerning mounting of boiler in the apartment it is better to consult with the skilled master.

3. Establish collector cabinet. Its task is to carry out turnover of water in pipes and to combine heating of floor with other house heating.

4. Bring the giving and returnable pipes to the established collector cabinet. The first will pump hot water in water floors, the second – to take away the cooled liquid and to return back it in boiler. On each pipe establish shutoff valve that it was possible to block water in case of need.

5. By means of compression fitting connect pipe from boiler to metal valve, and connect the collector's entrance to valve. Fitting connect contours of heat-insulated floor to the collector.

6. In the collector establish the circulating pump intended for continuous run of water. It is mounted on delivery pipe. It is better to buy the pump with the thermostat that will allow to regulate floor heating temperature.

7. After that include system, check its work.

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