How to connect kitchen extract

How to connect kitchen extract

The kitchen extract promotes preservation of air in the apartment clean and free from fat evaporations. The overall performance of this device directly depends on that, how correctly it is carried out.

It is required to you

  • - tape measure
  • - construction level
  • - drill
  • - dowels


1. That work of kitchen extract was more effective, provide all necessary in order that the air duct has been brought to the street. Coordinate work on punching of the course in wall with local governments.

2. Measure the section of air duct and select extract according to this indicator. If diameter of air duct appears less, execute narrowing of transition at stage of mounting of extract by means of the adapter.

3. Take the measurements of cooking surface. Surely consider this indicator upon purchase of extract, width of umbrella has to be equal to it or more. So any evaporations proceeding in cooking time will be removed the device much more effectively. If for extract there is no separate socket, establish it, having grounded force line and having put wires in cable channel, or under plinth.

4. By means of tape measure measure in the direction up from cooking surface 70 cm or a little more. From gas-fire it is necessary to measure not less than 80 cm. Beat off horizontal, having put construction level to marks. Then turn extract rear side and measure distance on it between fastenings. Transfer measure to horizontal line over plate.

5. Drill in noted spaces of opening for dowels. Hammer the last with the hammer and bolts attract to support wall. Then establish on them extract. Weakening or tightening bolts, adjust the provision of extract which has to be strictly horizontal.

6. Attach air duct to ventilating duct. When using the boxes allowing to overcome the remote distance to ventshakhta provide the maximum tightness of joints between them. It is desirable that these box have been made of PVC and had round shape. Angle units of such links do not create resistance to air stream and well absorb noise.

7. Establish casing on extract. Fix it, having adjusted on height. Include extract to make sure of its working capacity.

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