How to connect LED tapes among themselves - options of the LED SMD connection of tapes

How to connect LED tapes among themselves - options of the LED SMD connection of tapes

LED tapes are used in the most various areas. They can be seen at the organization of light in apartments, on trees, show-windows, mirrors, regiments of cabinets – we can list options of application of LED infinitely long. But sell such tapes only pieces of 5 meters. And therefore quite often LED lamps need to be connected with each other. Whether it is possible to make it independently? Yes, and rather simply and quickly. There are two options of connections.

Option 1. We use connectors  

If you want to connect pieces the hands without excess efforts, use special connectors. They are suitable for work both with RGB, and with one-color lamps. Be not afraid to damage LED, in its design there are no such fragile parts and elements, as in design of normal lamp. But nevertheless show reasonable care. 

To connect LED tapes independently by means of connectors, perform the following operations:

  • Cut off piece neobkhodimy to you lengths. Look at tape, and you will see the right places of the machine cut. Usually the producer specifies them through each 3 LEDs;
  • In the presence of silicone on the ends of pieces, carefully remove structure. If you are afraid to do to contacts of tape harm, execute section perpendicularly in the necessary site and peel off silicone from face;
  • Taking into account polarity put pieces in the connector and connect them with each other.

As soon as you pick up the connector and LED tape, you without effort will understand how to connect them. 

IMPORTANT! On sale there are special angular connectors. Using them, you will be able to fasten pieces in one big tape at an angle in 45 degrees or right angle. If your illumination is located on corners, let us assume, on all perimeter of ceiling, then to use such connectors especially conveniently. 

What does the "house" master need to know? 

Modern producers offer connectors of different look and at the different price. However consider that purchase of the connector – only half has put. If you need to receive LED strip more than 5 meters long, it is worth taking into consideration also power supply unit power indicator. In order that with work of illumination there were no problems subsequently, in advance study schemes of connection of LEDs.  

Option 2. We use the soldering iron

If you have near at hand no special connector, and it is necessary to connect pieces after all, resort to the help of the soldering iron. But if you are not able to solder wires in general, it is worth refusing such invention. Otherwise act so:

  • Degrease surface of LED pieces and smooth out contacts. It is necessary to smooth out tips of wires approximately on 10 mm. For soldering of pieces you can use, for example, cord of SVVP or other solder;
  • Include and warm the soldering tool;
  • Process contacts of tape, using special acid;
  • Drip on contacts solder;
  • Press in advance tinned wires to the field of connection and slightly warm the soldering iron;
  • Isolate places of soldering by means of the glue gun or at least normal insulating tape. Also for this purpose it is possible to use thermoshrinkable tube.

For the experienced welder in connection of LEDs by means of soldering there is nothing difficult. You can connect pieces and place them at an angle more/less than 90 degrees.

IMPORTANT! Contacts by the soldering tool need to be heated as fast as possible. But temperature should not be more than 300 degrees Celsius, otherwise you will burn the conductor. 

As for connection durability level, it will be high, regardless of what way you choose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team