How to connect lock

How to connect lock

Good economy for each user of telephone communication are modern Internet technologies. They allow to call to any place in the world. And such communication is rather cheap.

It is required to you

  • phone of provider of IP-telephony.


1. New standards of construction, both shopping centers, and residential buildings, include possible connection to each room of IP-telephony. Builders reasonably believe that telephone sockets are remnants of the last century. Full transition to the voice Internet (VoIP) includes the IP ATC installation and IP phones. At the same time, that it will be connected to local city telephone communication, you need to address the operator (provider) of IP-telephony.

2. If you live in the old house, the easiest way of installation of lock is personal address to the supplier of such services. You will need to sign the contract according to the written statement or phone call, and the representative of firm will shortly come to you to the house. If you have chosen such type of communication, remember that it has shortcomings: after connection of service be going to bring monthly fee regularly. And if you want to change program configuration of the station, know - it will run into money too.

3. To connect lock, you can use also modernization of the existing network, so-called "transfer to rails" of VoIP. Such way does not demand the expert's call, and you pay for it less. To connect VoIP-lock, you need to pick up only the software application which will reduce noticeably costs on long-distance and international telecommunication.

4. If you have established UATS in the owner-occupied or multifamily house, then actually can connect to it any apartment outdoors. For this purpose it is enough to get and establish VoIP-lock at himself. In the chosen room also there has to be free access in the Internet. UATS in the house does not limit users to calls only among themselves. The prefixes established by default 9 and 8 allow to call on local and intercity phones, and the software will allow you to recustomize prefixes under itself.

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