How to connect neon lamps

How to connect neon lamps

Besides the long term of operation, attractiveness advantage of neon lamps is the possibility of their transformation. Glass tubes it is possible to bend and give them the necessary form that is everywhere used in advertizing. However at their installation and connection there are certain difficulties. Neon lamps demand current of big tension therefore special transformers and wires with thick isolation are necessary for their connection.


1. Neon lamps can be turned on in networks of constant or variable currents. Pick up the transformer for connection of lamp, considering its length and composition of gas mix. Calculate the secondary (output) voltage of the transformer according to special tables if that is not specified in accompanying documents. It is necessary to consider also that electronic converters of tension are suitable for the enclosed space more.

2. If you establish lamps on the street, then surely make grounding, use also electromagnetic devices.

3. Pick up the PMVK high-voltage wire of necessary section and necessary length. Keep in mind, installation should be made so that length of wire was minimum. Use PVC tubes to separate wires from metal parts of design.

4. Establish lamp in polycarbonate holders. Connect according to the scheme specified on the transformer, carefully insulate position of joints of wires tape and special tubes.

5. Ground all conducting parts of design or check if have made it earlier.

6. At production of neon lamps, normal glass (glass tubes with a diameter from 7 to 50 mm, up to 90 cm long) is used therefore surely use protecting covers from polycarbonate or organic glass.

7. Besides neonogeliyevy mix (neon + helium + argon), is pumped inside in vacuum. Under the influence of electric field this mix breaks up to ions and electrons. Ions move to the anode, electrons to the cathode. In the course of movement, not broken up atoms are excited and give part of the energy in the form of light photons, as causes gas luminescence. Therefore when mounting follow safety rules, do not shake lamp, do not drop them and do not allow depressurization of design, otherwise the claw will not burn.

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