How to connect oven of Zanussi

How to connect oven of Zanussi

It is better to entrust installation and connection of oven of Zanussi to professionals. First, at the wrong connection of the technician can fail and even to lead to sad consequences. Secondly, the Zanussi company can refuse the obligations of warranty repair and service in case of independent connection of the technology of its production. If you are not frightened by such difficulties, and you have precisely decided to connect oven of Zanussi independently, then follow the installation instruction.

It is required to you

  • - instruction for installation and connection of oven of Zanussi;
  • - construction level;
  • - double-pole switch;
  • - screw-driver of the necessary diameter;
  • - rubber gloves.


1. At first you have to establish oven of Zanussi on that place where it will be operated. If the place for oven is more by the size, than cabinet, establish it, using construction level.

2. To record oven in niche of kitchen screws which are applied in set it is necessary to open its door. Openings for fixture are in oven. It is recommended to use only signature fastenings of Zanussi because they are calculated on temperature operating conditions of oven.

3. After you have reliably built in oven of Zanussi and have made sure that you will not change its situation, it is possible to connect it to the power supply network. Before it make sure that wiring and the socket will sustain device power and also check grounding. It is necessary to connect oven of Zanussi via the double-pole switch because the load of network at the working oven will be heavy.

4. After connection of oven of Zanussi and check of its working capacity it is possible to establish baking sheets and grids in oven. Before the first use of cabinet it is necessary to warm up it well. At first operation of oven from it there can be specific smell which will disappear then.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team