How to connect owner-occupied dwelling to electricity

How to connect owner-occupied dwelling to electricity

For connection of owner-occupied dwelling to electricity to you it will be necessary not only to perform works on wiring, but also to issue the package of documents in the local power grid organization. Documentary registration of connection of electricity can take more time, than electric installation work therefore think of the solution of this problem a bit earlier.

It is required to you

  • - passport;
  • - certificate on the state registration of the property right to the house;
  • - certificate on the state registration of the property right to the parcel;
  • - plan of the parcel;
  • - photocopies of the specified documents.


1. Address by phone to the local power grid organization (RES) for connection of electricity. Will prompt to you to whom and in what time it will be necessary to address, will specify the list of the required documents. Approach in due time in RES, having taken necessary documents and their photocopies.

2. Submit the application for receiving specifications, will prompt to you as it is correct to write it. Apply to the application of photocopy of the specified documents. In 30 calendar days from the date of application in RES have to issue you the contract of technology accession to networks and specifications.

3. Employ the qualified construction electrician for performance of work on wire routing to your house and electric wiring in the house and on installation of the counter (metering station). Invite the representative of RES for survey of the performed works and sealing of the counter in the presence of the construction electrician. If there are remarks, it is necessary to correct them.

4. Address in RES in due time for obtaining documents (the act of input of metering station, the act of differentiation of balance accessory, the act of performance of specifications, the inspection certificate of electric unit). Be suitable in the sales organization with the passport, documents for the house and the parcel and with the documents received in RES for signing of the contract on power supply of your house. Provide the copy of the issued contract in RES, and only after that your house will be connected to electricity.

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