How to connect pipes from PVC

How to connect pipes from PVC

At the moment plastic pipes are usual element production and premises as became quite qualitative alternative to other types of pipes. By means of plastic pipes the mounting of the sewerage, water supply, gas supply becomes and also laying of power supply networks is carried out. They have the mass of advantages thanks to the physical and chemical properties, and do not concede in durability even to metal elements of communications.


1. Pipes from polyvinylchloride have quite long term of operation and also good resistance to temperature fluctuations and corrosion. Plastic pipes make by means of pressing, process of extrusion and casting of polyvinylchloride under pressure.

2. Assembly becomesof manually, without the special equipment. Connect pipes or rubber cup, or by means of "cold welding". They are very convenient in application, and you should not forget that it is impossible to process PVC (unlike pipes PND, PVD, PB, PVDF, etc.) in hot state. Not to damage pipe use rubber gaskets between mechanisms and pipes.

3. All pipes from PVC are equipped at the plant with motionless mating rings which allow to reach bigger reliability of connections and to simplify mounting of system. Before connecting pipes, it is necessary to clean from dirt, dust and sand bell with rubber ring and smooth pipe end. Make sure that the ring has the correct situation in bell and also has no cambers and deflections. On the smooth end it has to be chamfered.

4. Grease rubber ring and smooth pipe end with silicone lubricant, at the same time it is impossible that on the greased place sand or dust has got. Send smooth pipe end to bell, pipes have to be at the same time on one axis, after that push the end in bell on that depth which is specified by assembly tag, further the pipe cannot be advanced.

5. After mounting if necessary situation in bell of mating ring is controlled. For this purpose the metal plate 1.5 mm thick undertakes and is located between the smooth end and bell so that the pipe adjoined to mating ring. The provision of mating ring is determined when moving plate by pipe circumference, at the correct connection the distance to ring is identical on all circle. At air temperature below than 0 degrees it is necessary to show care during operating time with pipes from PVC.

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