How to connect plaid on needles

How to connect plaid on needles

Knitted plaids very much decorate your house, do it cozy and unique. And what remarkable parties with knitting can be given together with girlfriends, it is possible even competing in speed. Who will quicker connect plaid?

1. To connect plaid by needles, in the beginning it is necessary to be defined in what way you will do it. Then it is necessary to choose threads and needles to them. For plaid better not to take thick needles that it was not too openwork.

2. Then it is necessary to choose way of knitting of plaid. If the plaid is planned small, children's, then it can be connected by integral plaid. If utilization of the remains of threads costs task, then it will be best of all to connect plaid from multi-colored squares in the patchwork equipment. If the plaid is planned big and classical, then it is possible to knit its long strips.

3. After definition of way of tying it is necessary to choose pattern. The plaid openwork pattern in order to avoid extension and distortion of big cloth is better not to knit. As soon as the pattern is chosen, it is necessary to connect sample for calculation of loops. It has to be the square with the party not less than 10 cm. After its vyvyazyvaniye in it it is necessary to count loops and to calculate quantity of type-setting loops.

4. After threads are chosen, needles are picked up, loops are calculated on sample, it is possible to begin to knit. After the plaid is complete, it needs to be washed in warm water and to dry up on horizontal surface.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team