How to connect plastic pipes

How to connect plastic pipes

Plastic pipes can be connected in various ways. The method of connection is chosen depending on material and the size of pipes demanded type of connection (connector or one-piece), the working pressure with which pipes, and other conditions will be operated. Distinguish three main ways of connection: thermal (by means of heating), chemical (pasting) and mechanical (by means of blooming or compression couplings).

It is required to you

  • - plastic pipes and fitting;
  • - welding machine for plastic pipes with set of mandrels;
  • - scissors for cutting of plastic pipes;
  • - the tool for cut of the reinforcing layer;
  • - compression couplings;
  • - set for pasting of pipes PVC;
  • - tool for removal of facet on pipes;
  • - key for inhaling of compression couplings;
  • - machine for butt-seam welding of plastic pipes.


1. Connection of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes by method you svarkizakrepit the welding machine in the clamp installed on table. Insert into it mandrel of the necessary size. Establish temperature of 260 °C on temperature regulator, turn on the device in network.

2. Cut off pipe of the necessary size by means of pipe scissors. If the pipe from above is reinforced, cut off the reinforcing layer special purpose tool. If reinforcing is absent, miss this operation. Prepare fitting of the necessary size.

3. At the output of the welding machine to operating mode, insert pipe into opening of mandrel and dress fitting on mandrel on the other hand. You make these actions at the same time, making necessary effort. Achieve that the pipe and fitting have entered mandrel on full depth.

4. Wait some time, so far the pipe and fitting will not get warm up to the necessary temperature. Waiting time depends on pipe parameters, it is specified in the instruction to the device. After the put time remove pipe and fitting from mandrel and connect them among themselves. When cooling the strength non-demountable connection of pipe with fitting is formed.

5. Pipe joint from PVC by means of glue Cut off pipe of necessary length file on metal. Special purpose tool or knife make facet on pipe. Wipe pipe and fitting with the special cleaning liquid. Miss the mark contact places on pipe (from above) and fitting (inside) with glue. Insert pipe into fitting. Remove rag glue drips.

6. Connection of plastic pipes with the help to blooming muftyotrezhta pipe of the required length special scissors. Insert the calibration tool into pipe opening and rotational motion calibrate opening. Put on the blooming coupling pipe end. Insert fitting of the suitable size into pipe. Put on the blooming coupling the tame or mechanical press ticks equipped with suitable mandrel. Mold them the blooming coupling. As a result of this operation on the blooming coupling the pressed rings providing tightness of connection are formed.

7. Connection of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes to butt svarkoyustanovita two pipes in tightening grips of the welding machine. Cut off the disk tool faces of pipes. Enter between them the heating tool (mirror). Press pipes to mirror and include heating. After the certain time specified in the instruction for this standard size of pipes remove heating disk, press pipes to each other with necessary effort and record them in this situation. After cooling of pipes, take out them from the machine.

8. Pipe joint by means of compression muftetot way is universal, it suits for pipes of any material and in various combination with each other. Cut off pipe scissors for cutting of pipes. Special purpose tool or knife make facet on pipe. Choose the suitable compression coupling and weaken on it nut (or sort it if it is folding option). Insert pipe end into the coupling so that it has rested against shoulder on the coupling body. Tighten nut manually or by means of special key.

9. Do similar operation with other piece of pipe, having inserted it into the coupling from the opposite side. Using necessary type of the coupling (in the form of corner, the union with thread, etc.), it is possible to receive any design of pipe – straight line, curved at right angle, terminating in the union, etc.

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