How to connect plate

How to connect plate

Having bought electric stove, it is important to establish and connect it correctly. If the power of plate of 3000 W, then for it it is necessary to carry out own supply circuit connected directly to distribution electric board. It is obligatory to carry out separate wire, with the isolated veins and grounding. From that the electric stove will be how correctly connected, the fire safety of your dwelling depends.


1. Install on electric board the separate safety lock with the switch.

2. Install the block for electric stove not further two meters, to it there has to be free approach. For two-section plate you can use one block of connection. Connect it separate wires to rings and oven. Connect connecting wiring the same section, as the separate wire going on guard. Length of wire has to allow to remove plate for cleaning.

3. Fasten terminal box screws at distance of 60 centimeters from floor. Attach to it wire, and from it stretch stationary wire to the connection block.

4. Put normal assembly box. If you want to make the hidden installation, then chisel through opening in wall and install the corresponding box.

5. Stretch wires on the shortest way from guard to the block.

6. Smooth out at wires of vein and attach to the block. (Earth) let go one vein for grounding.

7. The professional electrician has to check chain of connection of the electric device and only after that the plate can use.

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