How to connect plate of Hansa

How to connect plate of Hansa

Plates of trademark of Hansa are very widespread in the modern market. But often buyers of these plates have questions with installation as their wrong connection can serve as refusal in warranty repair.


1. Just before connection of plate of Hansa, unpack it, carefully examine the external panel and make sure of lack of mechanical damages which could arise when transporting.

2. If you have no time or you are not on friendly terms with electricity, address the experts who are engaged in installation and connection of electric stoves of Hansa. For installation of gas-fires it is also necessary to address experts as independently it is strictly forbidden to be done. When using services of masters, demand filling of the coupon on installation of electric stove certified by the seal of the organization on case if there are any problems.

3. Make sure that the plate of Hansa is completed with power cord with fork and the socket and visually examine their serviceability before connection to current network. If the network cord and cable are absent, get them separately in shop of home appliances.

4. Further be engaged in mounting of the power socket, you remember, it has to have the grounding contact, electric cable and fork. In that case if you already had plate, use the former socket with wire from old plate. If in the old socket where the plate 3 contacts and according to 3 wires has been connected before, then it is the single-phase scheme of connection and if 5 contacts and 5 wires - three-phaseschemeconnection .

5. At connection of plate of Hansa to the single-phase line it is necessary to perform number of operations. After installation of the power socket with three contacts, connect them. Further connect power fork with three contacts to three-core wire with a section of 4 mm. And at last, connect wire to plate. The plate of Hansa is connected, can include it in the socket! If it is necessary lay three-core wire with a section of 4 mm to electric board and install the single-pole circuit breaker of 40 And.

6. For connection of plate of Hansa to the three-phase line install the power socket with five contacts to the three-phase line, then connect power fork with five contacts to five-vein wire with a section of 1.5 mm, and then connect wire to your plate and include it in the socket.

7. Do not forget to adjust also before connection of plate legs, by their screwing out or screwing up if floor in the house uneven.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team