How to connect sheets of polycarbonate?

How to connect sheets of polycarbonate?

Recently universal synthetic material – cellular polycarbonate has become widespread. It is applied, mainly, at construction of light-weight load-carrying structures, roofing and facing works.

Cellular polycarbonate very strong, durable, resistant to atmospheric actions and sharp temperature drops. Besides it transparent therefore it is often used instead of glass, for example, at creation of greenhouses. Sheets of polycarbonate can be connected in two main ways: by means of profiles and by means of glue.

Profile connections of sheets of polycarbonate

Only the minimum set of tools is necessary for work with profile fastening: drill by means of which openings under self-tapping screws and also the screw-driver or the screw driver are drilled. It is better to perform work on wide plain surface.

The profiles used for connection of sheets of polycarbonate are two types – one-piece and connector. Because of bigger simplicity (respectively, accelerations and reduction in cost of work) apply one-piece profile fastening much more often. In this case sheets of polycarbonate are inserted into grooves of profiles, then drilled together with profiles through and fasten self-tapping screws. At all simplicity of such design the connection turns out very strength, durable and reliable.

It is desirable to use self-tapping screws with the washers or laying made of thermo - and moisture resistant material.

If it is necessary to connect two inclined planes of roof from polycarbonate (for example, at construction of the greenhouse), use special type of angle section which is called "fad". Fixture also in this case is made in the above way.

As it is possible to stick together sheets of polycarbonate

At all simplicity and reliability of connections with the help of profiles, sometimes it is necessary to do also without them. For example, if their use considerably worsens exterior of design. Then it is necessary to apply glued joint.

Sheets of polycarbonate can be stuck together as with an overlap, and in joint. But for the bigger durability and reliability it is better to stick together with an overlap.

In work different types of the glues intended for connection of products from plastic are used. Especially strength connection is provided by the silicone gluing substances. It is also possible to use as glue the organic solvents containing dichloroethane, methylene dichloride, elilkhlorid. They dissolve surface layers of adherend sheets, turning them into viscous weight thanks to what very strong and absolutely water-proof connection turns out. Anyway read comments on producers of the gluing substances.

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