How to connect table-top

How to connect table-top

When the complete kitchen is located not in a straight line, and has rather difficult configuration, its table-top often represents several separate pieces of cloth which as a result of assembly should be connected competently among themselves. From that, it is how qualitative it will be made, not only exterior of kitchen, but also term of operation of table-top depends.

It is required to you

  • - screw driver;
  • - gun with silicone sealant;
  • - fixture;
  • - level.


1. Start connection of table-top when all cabinets from the lower row stand on the places, are connected among themselves by fixture and also are exposed by means of adjustable legs on height and on level. In angular cabinet corners for fixture are fastened, all necessary openings are cut. In the top levels of the cabinets adjoining it openings for table-top fixture are drilled.

2. Attentively study set of parts at assembly of angular table-top. Usually it consists of three fragments and aluminum levels of Tee section with openings under screws. Spread out parts of table-top in the places. Pay attention that on all cabinets from face side the overhang of table-top (about 4 cm) coincided with each other and other cabinets of kitchen. Combine side faces of table-top with faces of cabinets at the inserted Tee levels. Cut back part of table-top in case the measurement of kitchen was made taking into account curvature of walls and the table-top leaky adjoins to back wall.

3. Attach angular part of table-top to cabinet. It fastens from within cabinet. It is more convenient to do it together as from above it is better to press table-top.

4. Attach Tee levels to one of the table-top rests in the place of joint. It is necessary to earn additionally the end of level coinciding with outer round edge of table-top – to remove stiffening fin that the tip of level could round outer edge of table-top freely. Lower screw in opening in level, look whether its hat sticks out. If it is allocated for surfaces – razzenkuyta opening under screw that its hat did not stick out when screwing.

5. Put side piece of table-top on kromleny edge. Miss the mark with silicone sealant that part of level which will adjoin to the prepared piece. Having densely pressed level, fasten it screws. Then apply silicone on other party of level and press this level to angular table-top. Having densely pressed table-top to cabinet (it is better together), fasten it into place. Until silicone has dried, remove its remains. Bend slightly sticking out tip of the Tee level with remote stiffening fin by front part of connection with the help of easy percussion on it the hammer through small piece of tree. Make the second part of angular table-top similarly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team