How to connect the antenna

How to connect the antenna

The antenna — the device for radiation and reception of radio waves. Nikola Tesla is considered the inventor of the antenna. The form, the sizes and design of antennas are various and depend on length of the radiated or accepted waves and assignment of the antenna. Antennas can be manufactured of carrying out, or dielectric materials. The radiating structures can be made by sputtering of the carrying-out materials on dielectric substrates. The most known television ASP antenna – 8, we will consider how it should be connected for receiving steadily strong signal.

It is required to you

  • For connection of the antenna it will be required to you:
  • - combination pliers;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - varnish;
  • - soft wire;
  • - metal pipe with a diameter of 50 mm and dyne of 6 m;
  • - television cable of 10 m.


1. Buy in shop the television ASP-8 antenna which the most widespread now as it has the signal amplifier, and is quite easy-to-work. Consider carefully intake design, look at the drawing of assembly. Collect the antenna as shown in the drawing, in its middle there is plastic box in which it is necessary to put the amplifier. Upon purchase of the antenna, ask the most powerful amplifier what it has the seller. The amplifier looks as radio engineering payment with various parts. Paint over back part of the amplifier nail varnish, rather thick layer, it will save it from corrosion at various weather patterns. Fasten it on two bolts, according to design.

2. Clean the end of cable from isolation, smooth out center conductor and grid. Do not forget them to clean from varnish which has covered wires still carefully. Find the connection block in the central part of the amplifier, in the middle connect center conductor of cable, and fix grid in clamping device by two bolts. Now also paint over varnish upper surface of the amplifier, including the place of connection of cable. Close amplifier cover, sometimes it twists on small self-tapping screws or is just latched. If it is closed leaky, then paste it any glue sealant. Attach cable on all pipe length wire through each 50 cm.

3. Lift the antenna with pipe, fix it in the earth and to house wall. It has to concern the earth surely, for one, will play lightning rod role. Drill in window opening to carry out cable to the house. Now pass into the house. Smooth out the end of cable, just as you did at connection of the amplifier. Attach it in special the cable of electric power supply of the antenna departs. Include power supply of the antenna in the socket, thrust the plug in the TV. That's all, you need only to adjust channels of television.

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