How to connect the built-in oven

How to connect the built-in oven

The built-in ovens – devices of high power. All electric devices of high power need to be connected correctly that wiring has sustained, there was possibility of emergency shut-off and protection worked if there are differences of tension. The most optimal variant of connection of such equipment are to call the professional electrician who will perform all works according to requirements of safe use. But if you understand electrics and have skills of connection of difficult electric devices, it is possible to make mounting independently.

It is required to you

  • - copper wiring with a section from 1.5 to 4 squares, depending on power;
  • - two systems of submachine guns 25-32 A.;
  • - ground outlet 32 A.


1. At first attentively read the passport of oven, in particular parameters of connection and consumption. Depending on model and characteristics, capacities can be within 2 kW, current of 10 Amperes. It means that it is necessary to draw separate line with cable section not less than 1.5 squares. Also the ground outlet and automatic machines 16 Ampere will be required.

2. If power more than 2 kW, and there are devices on 7-9 kW, consumption will equally to 23-25 A., therefore, wiring has to correspond to 4 squares, ground outlet 32 A., the automatic machine – 25-32 A. If to establish the smaller power of wiring, automatic machines and the socket, then at best everything will beat out, in the worst – there will be ignition.

3. Establish oven in the intended place, level on level. Irregularly the standing electric device will give uneven warming up. Record installation by lock-nuts. Behind oven there has to be free space not less than 30-40 cm because when heating there has to be place for air circulation.

4. Carry out separate wiring from the central guard. On the guard install automatic machines of the specified high power. If oven of high power, then the device has to join via the system of circuit breakers. Wiring can be done only copper.

5. Install the socket, carry out grounding. In all apartments of new type the centralized grounding is provided. If it is absent, it is necessary to bring the grounding connection to the iron surface going to the earth. If not to carry out reliable grounding, it is possible to receive defeat by electricity at touch to the oven body.

6. Install the socket, uncover and connect to wiring. If inclusion via automatic machines is not provided in oven, it is necessary to install additional system. It becomes below the including fork and joins through oven wire.

7. If you were never engaged in connection of electric devices, invite the electrician that has already been stated above. Anyway, for the purpose of safety, the expert has to check all connections, correctness of installation of automatic machines. And only after that it is possible to use oven directly.

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