How to connect the central castle

Quite often at installation of the alarm system are engaged in connection of the central castle. To carry out connection of the central castle, it is necessary to know its type. On so there is a lot of types of the central castles.


1. The central castle which is operated negative impulse is quite popular. Such lock has two wires. When there is giving of minus, doors are locked or open. To define negative impulse, the normal wire with bulb in the middle is required. Connect one end of wire on weight, and connect the second in sequence to wires which enter door. After you come across the necessary wire, doors will be closed or will open. It is necessary to check whether wires at the closed driver's door will work. If search has ended with failure, then it is quite possible that the necessary wire is simply laid in other place.

2. The central castle operated by positive impulse enjoys also wide popularity. To find this impulse, the wire with bulb besides is required. The technique is similar to that which has been described above. However it is necessary to consider that now it is necessary to connect one end of wire to plus, and the second to look for positive impulse in sheaf. At such connection from the alarm system to wires which operate the central castle there were pluses. If the alarm system which has low-current negative exits for control of the central castle is used, then the additional relay is required.

3. It is possible to connect everything very easily. For a start it is necessary to connect the general contacts of the relay with the found wires. NZ contacts should not be used. NR contacts and also one side of the coil is connected to plus, and the second party – to car alarm wire. If on the car the alarm system which has low-current negative or positive exits is put, then it is possible to connect directly to the found wires. Connection is carried out via diodes. Plus is connected to wires of the central castle, and minus stands aside.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team