How to connect the cooking panel

How to connect the cooking panel

For installation of cooking surface it is possible to call the professional master who will provide further safe and correct operation of the device. But if to try, then any house master will be able to establish cooking surface, thereby having saved the family budget.

It is required to you

  • Cooking surface
  • Heat-resistant glue
  • Silicone sealant
  • Operating manual


1. Carefully consider planning of kitchen. Such arrangement will be optimal variant - no one edge of cooking surface should have no tables and cabinets. It becomes to provide good air circulation and to avoid heating of cabinet. To thereby secure itself against ignition.

2. If the cooking surface is built in furniture, then it is necessary to prepare the place for installation. Cut opening in kitchen table-top which will approach by the sizes. For some panels it is required to process interline interval cut heat-resistant glue for prevention of further damage and deformation. In the instruction the optimum distance between cut in table-top and nearby the standing furniture has to be specified. Usually it makes 5-7 cm.

3. In kitchen table-top which can be made of tree or stone special fixers are mounted. To stone they fasten by means of heat-resistant glue, and wooden - screws. Attentively examine cooking surface. During transportation it could be damaged. Establish cooking surface in the opening prepared in advance. For prevention of shift of plate on bottom edge apply silicone sealant. It will protect cooking surface from hit of moisture and will record it.

4. To the power supply network it is necessary to find the sequence of connection in the scheme of cooking surface - ""phase"", ""zero"" and ""earth"". If there is not enough length of electrical wire, then increase it. It is not recommended to connect cooking surface directly to the power supply network. For the end of wire establish three-contact electrofork. After that connect. Use the ground outlet to avoid electric shocks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team