How to connect the electric furnace

How to connect the electric furnace

The stationary electric stove is powerful consumer of the electric power. It is source of the increased danger. Correctly connected electric stove is the key to your electrical safety.

It is required to you

  • Screw-driver, phase indicator, ohmmeter.


1. For the purpose of reduction of risk of defeat establish by electric current electric stove at least at distance of 1 meter from tapping cock.

2. Attentively examine electric board in the stairwell. In case of need replace lead-in wires and the automatic machine disconnecting the line on which the electric stove will be powered. At the single-phase scheme with grounding do not use the differential automatic machine - OUZO. Except unnecessary shutdowns it will give nothing. For the 3 phase scheme of connection of electric stove you should install the 3 phase electric counter. In most cases connection of electric stove becomes according to the single-phase scheme.

3. Calculate the section of the available cable. It can be done, using formula of area of circle and, having measured, core diameter caliper.

4. Calculate the required section of supply cable. For this purpose it is possible to use tables. Power of electric stove can be learned, having put capacities of all rings and oven. Knowing power consumption, under the law of Ohm it is possible to calculate easily consumed current. We find values of current for various sections of cable in the table. We draw conclusion about what section of vein is necessary for normal power supply of this oven. Compare value of required section of cable to the section of available. If it corresponds to necessary value, then it is possible to use the available cable.

5. If you have decided to replace supply cable for electric stove, best of all use cable with copper veins.

6. Switch-off the input automatic machine.

7. Connect supply cable for electric stove to the corresponding automatic machine on distributive block.

8. Mount on wall in kitchen the feeding socket and connect it to feed wire, observing correctness of connection.

9. Turn on the input automatic machine. By means of the phase indicator check availability of tension on the electric stove automatic machine, then turn on the electric stove automatic machine. By means of the phase indicator check availability of tension on feed wire.

10. Collect fork of network wire for electric stove and connect network wire according to the scheme of the socket.

11. On electric stove establish crossing points between contacts 1, 2 and 3, and also between contacts 4 and 5 establish separate crossing point. Connect phase wire to contacts 1, 2 and 3, and zero conductor to contact block 4 and 5. The earth wire has to be connected to the electric stove body.

12. Check correctness of connections of network wire by means of ohmmeter. If everything is correct, connect network fork in the socket.

13. Check electric stove for working capacity.

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