How to connect the gas panel and oven

How to connect the gas panel and oven

After the gas panel and oven is acquired, there is question of connection. The main task is ensuring full tightness of the bringing gas pipeline. Safety rules recommend to use the minimum quantity of connector pipes.


1. For a start it is necessary to turn off completely supply of gas to the apartment. For connection of the gas panel and oven it is recommended to use no more than two connector connection pipes. One pipe is established on shutoff valves, and another – in gas-fire. In all other points of the incoming pipeline it is the best of all to carry out welded joints. As a last resort, it is possible to use metal sylphon wiring. However it can be used only for connection of plate to gas pipe. The welded joint is considered safer. Extremely it is not recommended to do the reinforced wiring which had great popularity a few years ago.

2. When the gas panel and oven is installed, it is necessary to pass to settings. The correct settings will ensure normal functioning of the gas panel. It is necessary to adjust correctly the minimum flame of each torch and to expose the provision of contacts of thermocouples. They are part of the locking system valve gas control. This valve makes adjustments of supply of gas on torch. It remains open due to giving on it of current which is developed when heating the thermocouple.

3. Connection of gas panels and ovens is allowed only on pipe sections which go after gas cock. To gas cock it is forbidden to mount any devices. If after all it is extremely necessary to make it, then it is worth addressing specialists of service of gas. They have to have at themselves the construction license and also the building license for gas pipelines. In surely order the project has to be made. Also its coordination with service of gas has to be executed.

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