How to connect the lamp

How to connect the lamp

Many owners for certain had to connect the lamp in the house at least once. And the speech goes not about simple twisting / screwing of bulb here, and about installation of the lamp into place where everything that is necessary is already brought. Connection of the lamp – the business demanding to itself attentiveness, but possible for performance by the person having even superficial idea of electrics.


1. In distribution box, as a rule, there is hook. On this hook the chandelier or the lamp just is also hung up. This hook is twisted in plastic part of box. But plastic loses in durability over time therefore the lamp can fall down to somebody the head. Therefore before attaching of the lamp it is better for you to drill one more opening in distributive box so that the dowel has entered directly ceiling. Also previously plan the place that not to get to wires and also to fasten hook to ceiling.

2. Find in variety of wires in distribution box three wires: zero and also two phase after the switch in case with the double switch. If the switch at you unary, then is necessary only one phase wire instead of two.

3. Turn on one switch, put the indicator screw-driver on expected wire. If it is lit, so you have found phase wire from the switch. Now click the switch in the provision "Off". Again put the indicator screw-driver on the same wire. It will not shine. Repeat this action two more times to make sure of correctness of finding of wire. In the same way find the second phase wire.

4. Then find zero which usually has blue, white or black color. On expected zero put the indicator screw-driver. If it does not shine, you have found zero. Now you have found all necessary wires.

5. Switch off tension. Hang up the lamp or chandelier on hook. You will notice that in the lamp (chandelier) there are three wires. Colors at all three wires differ. Connect zero conductor (black, white or blue) to zero in distribution box. Connect phase wires to the corresponding phase. Sometimes the fourth flavovirent wire – grounding takes place. Connect this wire to the corresponding wire in electric box (if in box, of course, there is such wire).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team