How to connect the machine automatic machine without water supply system

How to connect the machine automatic machine without water supply system

In the area where there is no water supply system, for example in the village or at the dacha, it is possible to use the washing machine automatically without the central water supply. For this purpose there are several options - it is to use the well or other sources of water, to establish capacity under pressure or without it or to fill in water from bucket through compartment for powder.

It is required to you

  • - pipes;
  • - pumping station;
  • - complementary filter;
  • - capacity.


1. To connect the washing machine through the well, it is rather simple to you to call drillers, to carry out pipes and to install the pump with accumulative tank. You connect the washing machine automatic machine in just the same way as though there was the center water supply system. It is possible to connect to the well dish washers, titans, toilet bowls, shower cabins. That is one well completely replaces the system of the center water supply system. But there is one minus. All system of installation costs rather much and if you are not ready to incur considerable expenses, then use other, cheaper options.

2. The second option is connection of the machine automatic machine from well. For this purpose carry out from pipe well, install the pumping station and connect water supply in the washing machine. But before filling hose install the complementary mechanical or magnetic filter as water from well can go with impurity of sand and other foreign particles that will quickly put the machine out of action. If this option does not suit you, then it is possible to use other method.

3. Establish capacity higher than the level of the washing machine. On one cycle of washing enough capacity of 100-150 liters. That water supply was with pressure that is required for the majority of models of modern machines automatic machines, connect water supply in the machine via the pumping station. If you are not going to connect the pump, install the machine without control of time of the gulf of water. It does not need big pressure, and it will normally work without pressure.

4. And the last option is to fill in water through compartment for powder, but in this case it is possible to connect the machine with the lower measurement of height of water in tank. If there is top level of control, then such way will not approach as the machine will constantly force down the program and will fail.

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