How to connect the Visit intercom

How to connect the Visit intercom

Intercoms are the most widespread devices which ensure safety of the dwelling and limit access for strangers. Today the intercom has equipped practically each access door.

It is required to you

  • - list of residents of entrance,
  • - passport,
  • - coordinates of firm.


1. Find out which of residents of entrance agrees to install the intercom. The cost of the device and installation works is divided into number of apartments in the stairwell. If someone from residents refuses to pay, its share shares between other owners of apartments. Further the refused residents can install the intercom, having granted the necessary sum.

2. Specify model range of intercoms which can be installed in your stairwell. Then you will be able to provide to residents full information on the cost of the equipment and connection. It is the best of all to give the chance of the choice that your neighbors if desired could save, then the list of agreed residents will be more.

3. Make the list of residents which agree to place money and find out what quantity of electronic keys is required for each apartment. Usually the company gives several keys free of charge, but some residents order additional keys. It is necessary to pay in addition for each additional copy.

4. Contact the employee of the company and find out the exact cost of installation and the equipment. Agree about meeting at office of the company.

5. Raise money and documents from residents of entrance.

6. Visit office of firm and sign the contract, having brought half of the total cost of the equipment and works.

7. Agree with the employee of the company about mounting time.

8. After work (connection of the intercom on door, installation of intercoms in apartments, mounting and check of the equipment) and receiving by all residents electronic keys and operating manuals grant the remained sum of money.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team