How to connect wire to the telephone socket

How to connect wire to the telephone socket

At installation of stationary phone correctly the arrangement of the telephone socket indoors is required not only to choose, but also to connect to it wire. For performance of this operation it is not necessary to call the expert from house telephone system at all. Everyone who is able to hold simple tools in hand can make such connection.

It is required to you

  • - nippers;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - cable;
  • - telephone socket;
  • - fastening elements.


1. Buy the telephone socket. Depending on type of fork which has supplied your telephone set, choose one of two main types of the socket: tiny or large-size. Take care also of telephone cable of certain length. Cable size is defined by distance from the expected location of the socket to the place where the telephone set will be located. It is desirable to provide some stock of wire in case of possible movement of the device in the apartment.

2. Fasten the basis of the telephone socket self-tapping screws to wall. Now start mounting of cable. When using the RJ (registered jack) socket attach cable wires to two average contacts, and leave extreme contacts free.

3. If you use the RTSK socket (the socket telephone plug with the condenser), sort for a start and find out fork of the device to what contacts wires are connected. Being guided by this scheme, connect cable wires to the socket. The standard of connection demands that wires have been connected to two right contacts of the socket. Having connected wires, close the socket body cover.

4. If necessary install indoors the additional telephone socket. Choose the place of its arrangement and attach to wall. Connect to the second socket cable to in parallel already existing. At the same time phone phone on in parallel the connected device has to be picked up, otherwise at unexpected receipt of external call it is possible to receive unpleasant electric shock. After mounting of wire close cover of the connector and check operability of the telephone set, having made trial call.

5. For connection of the telephone set having fixed cord use the special telephone extender.

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