How to consider how many tile it is necessary

How to consider how many tile it is necessary

For finishing of walls and floor the ceramic tile is often used. It has the different size therefore for exact calculation of the necessary material it is necessary to know the size of the bought tile. That there was no need to overpay for excess material, it is necessary to use calculation formula.

It is required to you

  • - to calculate the total area of surfaces which will be closed by tile;
  • - area of one tile.


1. For exact calculation it is necessary to calculate the area of surfaces on which the tile will be applied. The ordinary mathematical formula for the 4th class is for this purpose used. Surface area is calculated by multiplication of length and width. Having counted the area of each wall, results should be put. To separately count the area of doors and windows, to put. To subtract the received digit from the general result.

2. Further it is necessary to transfer the tile size to the square. For this purpose length is multiplied by width. The result is transferred to square meters. On example it will look so. If length of tile of 40 centimeters, width 20, then the area of one tile is equal 800 centimeters. When translating in in square meters 0.08 square meters turn out. Or equally in 0.4 square meters to increase 40 centimeters by 0.2 square meters 0.08 turn out.

3. The calculated total area which should be covered with tile needs to be separated into 0.08. To round the received number to equal result. It will also be the necessary quantity of tile.

4. On example it will be so. If by calculation the area which needs to be covered with tile has turned out 40 square meters, then 40 it is necessary to separate into 0.08 500 turn out. So many pieces will be required to be bought ceramic tile.

5. For check it is possible to use other formula with counter effect. For calculation, the quantity of the calculated tile is multiplied by its square. The received result will be the area which can be closed tile.

6. At the same time it is necessary to remember what at tile vykladyvaniye on equal row needs to be bought for 5% of material more, and at laying on diagonal – for 15%. That is in the calculated example at laying on equal row increases to the total number of tile 25, and on diagonal – 75 pieces.

7. Often these formulas for calculation are not required. It is enough to calculate only the surface area which needs to be closed tile, and material is on sale calculated in square meters. Sometimes the cost of tile is specified for 1 layings, it is possible to buy the necessary quantity of tile without effort.

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