How to consider the electric power

How to consider the electric power

Payment of the electric power – one of notable components of the general payment for utilities. Today practically each of us uses such devices as the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner, the electric iron, the microwave oven, etc. When choosing these devices it is necessary to remember that they consume large amount of energy therefore to decide to you that it is more important – the vacuum cleaner with power over 2000 Watts or the washing machine with extraction in 1500 turns and more.

 Besides, you should not forget the simplest rule: leaving, you turn off the light. Having optimized consumption, you will be able to reduce considerably costs of electricity which calculation of expense is made by special devices – electric counters.

The electric counter is installed in the apartment or on stair landing of multi-storey residential building, in owner-occupied dwelling, at office or on production. Counters differ with design and opportunities, however all of them, first of all, perform the main function: count electric power expense consumers on the controlled site of the power supply network (most often in kilowatt-hours (kW)).

When using induction devices these indicators are read out directly from the device. There are modern counters of the electric power with distant control. In this case it is possible to consider consumption of energy at distance. Programmable electric meters are capable to consider the electric power, fixing indications according to presets.

At calculation of the electric power by means of induction recording devices of old sample, big errors are possible. In order that to avoid it, equipping owner-occupied residential building or own production it is better to equip it with modern electric meters of the last generation. They are capable to consider most correctly the electric power, defining its expense for the set periods.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team