How to construct angular fireplace

How to construct angular fireplace

Angular fireplaces are fine addition to your interior. Except functionality, this model of fireplaces will allow you to enjoy feeling of cosiness every day as it visually smoothes things over the room and by that kind of increases space. Such kind of half-open fireplaces is built in corner on crossing of walls and therefore can warm three adjacent rooms at once. There is great variety of models of the angular fireplaces various in forms and styles. But it is possible to try to construct such the hands.

It is required to you

  • - tools for installation of fireplace;
  • - beams and rafters;
  • - dymosbornik;
  • - bricks;
  • - chimney pipe.


1. For a start it is necessary to buy tools for installation of fireplace. Usually at those who are engaged in construction jobs is almost all necessary for this type of work. Take care of acquisition of special purpose tool − the oven hammer.

2. Further it is necessary to define sizesfuturefireplace , proceeding from the room space where he will settle down. Search of optimum parameters of width and height of furnace opening and depth of toplivnik is also important. It is better if they are calculated for you by the expert. He will be able to help you and when calculating the size of smoke opening.

3. Works should be begun with laying of the base which location needs to be correlated to the provision of beams and rafters in the house. On top of the base spread two layers of waterproofing (for example, roofing material or roofing felt).

4. For increase in heat emission the back wall of fireplace needs to be executed under inclination forward approximately from the third part of its height. Over fire chamber there has to be dymosbornik, and between them – the eaves preventing carrying out of sparks and soot outside. When laying brick it is necessary to adhere to the schemes of poryadovka, i.e. arrangement of bricks made earlier in each row. Most likely, your fireplace will consist of not less than 24 brick courses. Stacking brick, do not forget internal walls of toplivnik to wipe periodically with wet rag for removal of the acted solution which at fire chamber can be showered. It is impossible to plaster all internal surfaces of fireplace also.

5. Removing chimney pipe, it is necessary to remember that its opening has to be carefully covered from precipitation and is executed according to fire safety regulations. Also during the masonry works it is necessary to think over the device of grid-irons, valves and clearings.

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