How to construct ark

How to construct ark

When all tabloids were again exorcized about doomsday, people have begun to remember various ways of rescue and, of course, have not forgotten also Noah's Ark. How to construct the vessel which will save passengers from apocalypse?!

It is required to you

  • - cypress;
  • - pitch;
  • - four men.


1. According to instructions of God Noy has constructed the ship of tree gopher - it the name occurs in the Bible only once. Under some assumptions this word has come from the word "kofer" - pitch. Means, certain tree of which the ark has been constructed has been impregnated with pitch. In the Mediterranean region at that time and much later, in korablestroitelstvo the cypress was most popular. It perfectly resists rotting and moisture.

2. The sizes of ark I Ache too God - 300 qubits in length, 30 in height, 50 in width has reported. The ark was under construction three-storyed - it had two additional decks. But the thing is that qubits had the different size at ancient Egyptians and shumer. To the Egyptian measures the ark was such sizes - 129х21.5х12.9. On the Sumer - 155.2х25.9х15.5. For those times it is simply improbable, not going in sizes.

3. The internal volume of ark by calculations could reach 40000 cubic meters - this digit is very similar to the volume of displacement of "Titanic", here such enormous sizes and there was ark. Two additional decks gave ship structural strength. The ratio of length and height of ark was ideal for stability - six to one that is used when shipbuilding and still.

4. Often artists represent ark some kind of huge boat with the open deck that is absolutely absurd, considering rain which poured forty days. Judaic texts describe ark the word "tebakh" that the box means, and represent it as the boat with the house put in it. In the Bible it is told that the ship had window in roof diameter about half a meter. According to the Bible the ark was built by only four men, but in drawings very often represent much more builders.

5. During swimming of ark, judging by calculations, on the vessel there had to be great variety of animals - 150 days of wanderings, and at many animals the pregnancy lasts much less! So solve rather whom you will take aboard the ark, for the present there is time!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team