How to construct bath by own efforts

How to construct bath by own efforts

If there are desire and time, then, having made some efforts, it is possible to build bath independently. At any seasonal dacha there has to be this construction. Work will require good stuff and the tool.


1. For a start be engaged in construction of the base. If on your site dry, uniform and dense soil, then as the base you can use flat stones. Lay the lower wreaths or bars on them. Consider, bars for bath have to be previously processed by anti-septic tank. Also it is recommended to cover them with hot bitumen. Lay stones on bath corners in those places where there will be connection of internal walls and external. Fill free space which remained between stones with clay. Also you can lay stones continuous tape. From above surely there has to be waterproofing layer.

2. You can make the column base for bath. It is carried out from stone, brick and concrete. If there is opportunity, then use ready concrete columns or asbestos-cement pipes. They have to be filled with concrete. Some people use wooden columns at construction of such base. Consider, they are very short-lived. Most longer oak columns will serve. Between them lay out brick wall. Make also bulk walls of gravel, slate or adobe.

3. After that you can pass to wall construction. It is recommended for this purpose to use logs and bar. The tree will well keep heat and to give it. At construction of bath from log do salary of thicker logs. Surely lay waterproofing layer on it. Process bottom side of salary anti-septic tank and cover with waterproofing mastic.

4. If you do felling of logs, then it is the best of all to do corners "in bowl". The ends should not go beyond walls. Protection against wind and rain will be provided. The most economic and simple connection is the edge groove. On side of one log it is necessary to make groove, and at face of other log – thorn. Each log has to have groove from bottom side. They need to stack log on surface of other log.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team