How to construct baths frame

How to construct baths frame

Frame technologies at construction of bath are considered as excellent alternative to fellings. It is possible to construct such bath quickly and without involvement of experts. On the complexity the construction method of frame bath in many respects reminds work with the designer therefore everyone who is able to hold the simplest tools in hand can seize it and has skills of construction jobs.

It is required to you

  • - wooden bars;
  • - boards;
  • - material for covering of walls;
  • - roofing material;
  • - heater;
  • - fastening elements;
  • - set of tools.


1. Begin with preparation of the project of bath. If the budget is limited, then there is at all no need to address the professional architect. You will be able to draw the plan of construction, having provided in it the main rooms. The traditional bath includes the platform, the waiting room, the washing room and steam room. If desired you can complement the project with the room for rest and even billiard room.

2. Define what amount of materials is required for implementation of the project. For framework bars, boards for furring and flooring are necessary. Also material for covering of walls and quality heater will be required. For these purposes most often use "lining" and mineral wool. Polyurethane foam is considered more modern heater.

3. Make the base for bath. If soil rather firm, use the basis of pile type. On soft soil it is more preferable to put continuous footing, having provided at the same time input of the sewerage, water supply system and electricity. At first remove top layer of soil, then on perimeter of the building dig trench and establish timbering. Insert armature into timbering and fill in future basis with concrete. The new base will finally gain durability approximately in two weeks after its construction.

4. Build bath framework. It can be established directly on the place or to mount in close proximity to the place of construction. Establish racks of framework and horizontal bars, attach to them elements of rafter design. Choose step between separate racks taking into account the bath size. Elements of framework fasten to each other long nails, metal corners and brackets.

5. Sheathe ready framework the chosen material. Elements of covering fasten closely to each other on nails or self-tapping screws. If the bath is under construction in the area with severe climate, before covering of walls to them the heater layer fastens.

6. Establish roof. Attach furring to in advance mounted rafter design. Over furring lay roofing material. It is in certain cases reasonable to provide in roof design layer warm and waterproofings. As material of roof use sheet iron, roofing material, slate or metal tile.

7. At the final stage of construction of bath execute its final interior finish. Pay special attention to installation of the oven equipment. If you have no necessary skills, connect to these works of the professional stove-setter. When all necessary equipment is installed, it is possible to test bath in operation and to enjoy all delights of bathing rest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team