How to construct bay window

How to construct bay window

The bay window is the part of the living room which is structurally taken out for the facade plane. Bay windows have window or continuous openings. Two main functions – increase in living space and intensity of lighting of premises are assigned to them.


1. Depending on the project the bay windows are placed on all height of the building or on one, several floors. In construction practice three types of bay windows – the wall, angular internal and external bay windows having the form of triangle, rectangle, semicircle, trapeze or polyhedron meet. The bay window can be built along with the house, or be attached to already ready house. In the latter case you should begin with the base. It is recommended to do continuous footing as stronger and reliable where as armature it is possible to use corners, pipes and even frameworks from chairs. It is quite natural to build bay window from the same material, as house wall.

2. At brick option of bay window of difficult configuration surely provide production of special template for giving to brick of the necessary form. That your laying was stronger, can use welded grid approximately through each five rows of brick.

3. At installation of nadokonny crossing points surely use level. As you can not find ready overlappings for bay window of the necessary form, make them filling method. For this purpose establish I-beams which one edge you oboprit on fresh laying, and another – on house wall.

4. After that make timbering of old boards with the polyethylene film laid inside, and as armature use masonry 3-mm grid with cells of 50х50 mm. After filling of overlapping it is necessary to wait about a week that concrete "has grabbed" and then it is possible to continue bricklaying.

5. If your house two-storeyed, then the second overlapping it is optional to do. It is enough to establish rafter beam of future roof. In order to avoid heatlosses it is better to warm the filled-in floors expanded polystyrene.

6. Glazing of bay windows is made according to their purpose. Living rooms in bay windows are glazed to half. It is connected not to allow excess losses of heat. The bay windows glazed on all area are created, as a rule, in houses of summer type or where the bay window is the mine for the elevator.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team