How to construct cesspool

How to construct cesspool

Many summer residents and owners of owner-occupied dwellings are interested in the same question: as it is correct to construct cesspool, the lack of toilet is big problem. The cesspool is considered the simplest and very inexpensive way of providing owner-occupied dwelling with peculiar sewerage. For this purpose it is possible to choose any sealed container where all polluted house drains will get. At construction it should be taken into account some features.


1. Before starting excavation of hole, it is necessary to learn depth of finding of underground waters which are on your site and also as far as they can rise according to change of seasons. In particular in that place where the place of the sewerage will be located further. If the level of underground water is considerably high, then it is undesirable to build hole in such place and is even prohibited by the law. It is impossible to establish cesspool nearby or on one line with source of water and on the sublime site.

2. Now it is necessary to decide on the volume which has to be about 1.5 cubic meters for average family (not less than 0.5 cubic meters on one person). It is possible to make it a little more as the cesspool assumes cleaning by means of the cesspool machine sooner or later. Therefore you should not spend more money for continuous cleaning, two times a year are enough to do of it.

3. For construction of cesspool use shaped brick, mass concrete or reinforced concrete rings. It is necessary to dig deep hole in which 2-3 rings are established. Pressurize all internal joints from within and outside. Put one layer of waterproofing and cover outside with earth.

4. Overlapping of hole can be made of wooden boards, but it is better from reinforced concrete. Install the hatch which size has to be 70х70 centimeters in overlapping. Isolate its layer clays and cover with earth. The hatch intended for cleaning of cesspool has to have two covers. One has to be at ground level, and the second – over overlapping.

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