How to construct column

How to construct column

The column is considered the most ancient architectural element. It represents column in different manifestation and form. Columns can decorate at the same time external and interior of the building. Also they perform the supporting functions. These elements are quite often applied by many designers and architects.


1. The column in the house can be established both in entrance part of the building, and in internal rooms. With their help it is possible to emphasize lines of facade and also feature of interior. Basis of any column is the trunk which has the cylindrical or many-sided form. Designs at which the trunk is slightly narrowed above meet. The trunk has to be surely established on base which can have various form. The column trunk capital crowns. The column can be made the most various size. Also it can strongly differ in way of processing of surface.

2. It is possible to get columns in hardware stores. Pay special attention to column body. The price of it can strongly vary as the body can be smooth and also equal or with entazisy. Often columns of barrel-shaped form meet. As column the architectural warrant is defined.

3. Columns one or two floors high best of all are suitable for cottage. You can choose design on the taste. After columns are chosen, it is possible to pass to their installation. If they have big weight, then it will be necessary to employ the crane and people to put them into place. After columns stand on the place, it is necessary to be engaged in concreting of joints. In this case mesh reinforcement has to be surely applied. If work is performed in winter time, then additional thermal treatment of joint is required. It is the best of all to use electrowarming up. Consider, accurate transfer of efforts to columns has to be carried out. Otherwise they can just be scattered.

4. It is the best of all to weld on steel holders of pad. The effort will be transmitted through them. It is also necessary to make the centering laying. If there was no coincidence of edges of holders, then it is necessary to curve pads previously.

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