How to construct country lodge tent

How to construct country lodge tent

The country lodge tent differs not only in relative simplicity of the design, but also appeal and not triviality of design. Such lodge can make the seasonal dacha cozier, and your stay on it during summer season - is a little more comfortable.


1. Free the platform under the base of country lodge tent. Depends on scales of future building not only the sizes of this site, but also type of the used base. It is better to establish big lodge tent on wood piles, for small country tent can be enough only to strengthen blocks the design corners accepting the most serious loading.

2. Collect for lodge tent flooring from boards which will serve at the same time hollow in lodge and the basis for load-carrying structure of frames. This flooring keeps within on the prepared base and fastens nails. Boards for flooring should be grounded previously, and after to put one-two oil-based coats of paint to increase duration of their service.

3. Attach nails to floor surface symmetrically two or three couples of wooden frames placed through equal intervals from each other which will become support for roof of country lodge tent. To one frame is established in lodge corners, and two more frames it is possible to strengthen walls. Reliable bearer frames will turn out from logs not less than 20 cm thick and about one and a half meters high.

4. Establish additional supporting poles, they are necessary for maintenance of roof. They have to be approximately twice higher than side frames, and their diameter has to be about 25 cm. Such racks in pairs are established from both parties of lodge which will not be closed by roof. These long face racks will support roof closer to its top while side frames hold base roofing of country tent.

5. Collect two half of roof from long five-meter boards to construct country lodge tent with characteristic triangular roof. Lay boards on support frames and racks so that the triangle has turned out. At top of roof of edge of boards can or be located with an overlap or can only concern by each other one edge, in this case it is necessary to fix from above one wide cross board closing gap.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team