How to construct court

How to construct court

In modern society the court became not just sports ground, but the place of abrupt party. Here you can start important acquaintances. On the tennis court there is always opportunity to promote almost from the lower step. Many that will have idea what the plan of works are interested in construction of playgrounds of the European standard.


1. For soil court of high quality provide drainage bed of corresponding grade. You should establish trays for withdrawal of headwaters and to lay the foundation for modular protection to hold drainage pillow. It is necessary to stock up with hose for watering of the field. On drainage pillow it will be required to bring 200–300 cubic meters of crushed stone of glinopeschany mix.

2. Consider what covering you buy for the tennis court. The prices of coverings fluctuate depending on their type. The range rather big, beginning from 5,000 dollars for court of the normal size (18 x 36 m). The maximum price is in limits of 60,000 dollars.

3. Now on the ready socle base you can collect modular protection on object. Including mounting of modular protection, its cost will cost you 9,000 dollars on court of standard dimensions.

4. We pass to installation of the lighting equipment to increase daily time of operation of the tennis court. For one season thus it is possible to increase profitability by 30–40%. On each court you need to buy 6 masts eight meters high with 12 lamps which power - 0.4 kW. In the market there is rather known branded lighting equipment from Thorn, GE or Sreder. The project of electric wiring together with instrument cluster, masts and actually mounting works equal 10,000 dollars will join the sum.

5. On soil court to be necessary for you the skating rink, racks, grid, brushes for care for marking tenches. The cost of standard package of the equipment is equal 1200 dollars. You can increase comfort of courts, having established foniruyemy barrier on fencing in whole or in part on edge sites. Backgrounds protect players from wind and excess eyes of the audience. At the same time illumination increases, allowing it is better to see tennis ball.

6. Council for ditch. It would be possible to leave this preliminary site of construction jobs without comment, but professionally dug ditch is guarantee of quality of future enterprise. Over time the court can crack. Therefore it is better to address to civil engineering firm, but not to get down to business most. Main requirement to your tennis court: it has to turn out rigid and elastic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team