How to construct decorative windmill

How to construct decorative windmill

Lately the witty decision for small seasonal dachas is construction of decorative wind mill. It is remarkable decoration of garden, it is possible to store garden stock in it, and still to equip the second floor. How to build such mill?

It is required to you

  • Cement, sand, brick, bar with a section of 50х100 mm, metal corner of 50х50 mm, lining, plywood, roof, polyfoam, impregnation, primer, paint, bearings, axis and self-tapping screws for the screw.


1. At first it is necessary to make the base. Do deepening on 60 cm, fill in with solution, let's stiffen. On it lay brick socle. After that sheathe it bar with section 50 on 100 mm. On socle establish two steel frameworks, the sizes of 80х120х270 cm which weld from corner 50х50 mm in advance. Sheathe framework bar, and on it fix by self-tapping screws lining.

2. From within warm mill polyfoam and sheathe plywood which previously cover with impregnation for protection of wood. At first put primer layer, and then two layers of basic color.

3. Execute load-carrying structure of roof from bar: collect roof frames over framework. From waste of lining on them lay continuous furring. Cover it with two layers of roofing material, from above lay roofing material. The choice of roof is huge now, pick up that which will be in harmony with the general design of the site.

4. Collect the screw further. Its main parts are powerful bearings and axis which diameter ¾ inch. Collect blades on self-tapping screws from bar, section 50х50 and levels of 20х40 mm will approach.

5. At you the design which area of 4 sq.m, height nearly 5 meters has turned out. You store garden stock in socle part, it any minute will be near and behind it it is not necessary to go down to the basement. In such mill it is possible to arrange shower. For this purpose in addition draw conclusion of drains and install tank for water heating above.

6. Equip the room penthouse which has turned out on the second floor under the nursery game. Give the chance to children in it to play and survey vicinities. Lay floors soft carpet, and instead of furniture outline soft foam pillows. Children will spend with pleasure time there.

7. If you decorate blades with electric daisies, then your mill will turn into local attraction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team