How to construct flock

How to construct flock

The flock is room for the maintenance of livestock. The winter flock has to be constructed capitally, in due form constructions, to have the base, floor, walls from quality material, outlet. To build the room for the cattle, it is necessary to get permission in department of architecture and town planning and to prepare construction materials.

It is required to you

  • - permission from department of architecture and town planning;
  • - construction materials.


1. Address to regional department of architecture and get permission as any constructions on own site can be made only if you are given permission.

2. Having got permission, dig out ditch under the base. The footing can be done continuous or monolithic. Dig ditch taking into account freezing of the soil in your area and the level of passing of underground waters. The base has to be lower than the level of freezing of soil and above level of underground water.

3. Establish timbering, fill sand-gravel pillow, carefully stamp it, build in prefabricated reinforcement cage and flood the base above ground level on 50 cm.

4. Before construction of walls from any material make socle of three rows of the red brick intended for laying of socles.

5. You can make walls of any material: from bar, blocks, brick, from Teso by method of frame charge. Anyway additional warming and protection against moisture will be required.

6. After installation of walls put on ceiling logs from thick bar or round timber, make framework for roof. Roof on flocks do one or dual-slop. The cheapest and convenient option is to make single-pitch roof, and in roof to leave the place in your growth or above to put hay or straw for the winter. Through ceiling and roof remove 2-3 outlets. Make them of thick metal or concrete pipes or of Teso, having brought down square pipes.

7. In ceiling make wide manhole, and on roof ladder. In winter time when there is a lot of snow, it is very convenient to climb on roof and to throw off hay or straw through manhole.

8. Inside produce plaster and whitewashing of walls. If you are going to hold pigs, then upholster walls with the small grid intended for enclosing of animals as pigs are accustomed to gnaw walls until is through holes. Through grid they will not be able to make it.

9. In flock make wooden or concrete floor, establish racks and fence off shelters for the cattle. You can fence shelters with thick yew or the same grid with which you upholstered walls.

10. External walls fit layer of vapor barrier and over it thermal insulations. Make finishing at discretion.

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