How to construct frame wooden house

How to construct frame wooden house

Frame timber structures are used for construction of residential buildings, summer lodges, baths. Today it is, perhaps, the most available and pre-fabricated designs which gather on the place in one or two weeks.

It is required to you

  • timber (boards and bars), concrete for the base, roofing material, heater, waterproofing, nails, self-tapping screws, bricks, the concrete mixer, circular saw, the screw driver, electric drill, the hammer, tape measure, power saw.


1. Choose the place for the base device. It is better to build the frame house on the eminence far from trees to interfere with excessive hit of moisture on wood structures. Choose base type. If you have decided to construct summer lodge, there will be device of the column base enough. If you build capital housing, it is necessary to fill in continuous footing. Dig through on building perimeter narrow trenches (40-50 cm) up to 1 m in depth. Make timbering of edging board. Fill up bottom of trench with sand and small crushed stone. Fill in fresh concrete in trench, laying it reinforcing rods. Wait for full drying of the base.

2. Put waterproofing on the ready base, over it strengthen anchor bolts through each 2 m wooden bars of 150х150 mm of basis of framework of the house. You will expose exact geometry of the house, using the construction level, corner and tape measure. From wide edging board lay draft half of the first floor, then put on it sexual logs (bar of 10х10 mm), between them lay heater (ecocotton wool), put floorboard.

3. The device of framework begins with construction and installation of wood beams. Use for this purpose the construction level, inclined spreader boards or metal brackets. Spreader boards and brackets have to support beams strictly vertically and not support framework limits.

4. Sheathe house framework in advance sawed boards, using self-tapping screws. Internal part of framework can be sheathed sheets of gypsum cardboard. Between inside and external layer of covering lay heater plates (the minvat or expanded polystyrene). Begin house covering from window and door openings.

5. Establish the top overlapping of the first floor which gathers from wooden bars and floorboard. Establish rafters and collect the rooftop. At once upholster roof at first with furring from boards, lay waterproofing and strengthen roofing material. Warm ceiling of the first floor from the attic, using vapor barrier and minvata.

6. Establish windows and doors. Carry out communications and electricity. Then make external and interior finish of the dwelling, without forgetting to impregnate its wooden parts antiseptic and fire-resistant with structures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team