How to construct framework of walls

How to construct framework of walls

At construction of the frame house it is necessary to establish power framework which correct mounting will provide rigidity of design and will distribute power loading of load bearing walls, rafters and overlappings that will be guarantee of durability and durability of the built building.

It is required to you

  • - material for production of framework;
  • - proyemny crossbars;
  • - floor beams.


1. For construction of framework prepare necessary material. The framework can be established from bar, special profile or channel. You will need corner posts which have to be very strong, intermediate racks, the top and lower binding, crossbars for apertures, beams for overlapping.

2. The lower binding will form the basis for your stud walls. You fix it to the base by means of anchors. That the framework did not become wet, previously isolate binding from the base by means of the waterproofing materials. It is possible to use 2-3 layers of roofing material. To check correctness of installation, use the construction square. For this purpose fasten the ends of wire to the parties 5, 4 and 3 meters.

3. Establish corner posts by the size of your building. Check correctness of installation plumb or the laser level.

4. Between corner posts fix intermediate. Take step between the bearing power designs according to material which you will sheathe the house. If plates are located between racks, the step can be taken on width of plates.

5. At covering cement and chip plate take step between racks 1.25 m. Exactly such width at this material (CSP) if you have bought it in construction supermarket and is sustained manufacturing techniques in accordance with GOST.

6. For it is oriented - the chip plate made in the conditions of bulk production, the step is equal to 1.22 m.

7. Connect load-carrying structures by means of galvanized connectors which can be executed in the form of T-shaped plate or the square with the amplifier. For wood beams you can use brackets.

8. Afterwards establish wood beams of overlapping. Then strengthen framework intermediate cross binding.

9. Establish crossbars for door and window openings in process of mounting of design.

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