How to construct garage of the block

How to construct garage of the block

If to compare various materials for construction of garage, then preference, of course, should be given to masonry units. Speed and simplicity of construction, durability, teploizolyatsionnost, low cost – set of such advantages does not possess any other construction material. For most of the motorists who have made the decision about constructions of garage, the question of construction material does not even arise. They know that they will build the garage of blocks.

It is required to you

  • - M400 cement;
  • - blocks from foam mortar;
  • - sand;
  • - lime;
  • - roofing material;
  • - eaves board;
  • - bar;
  • - bituminous pitch;
  • - set of the construction tool;
  • - concrete mixer.


1. Choose type of the block. Blocks from light concrete are the most suitable for construction of garage: gazo-, foam, shlako-, keramzitobetona. Blocks can be manufactured of two last materials quite independently, it will cost cheaper, than purchase of finished products.

2. Count the required number of blocks. For this purpose calculate the volume of walls of garage minus door and window openings, separate it into the coefficient 1.05 considering the volume of masonry mortar and into the volume of one block (0.014 m³ for the standard block of 390х190х188 mm). The received number will be equal to the number of the blocks necessary for construction of garage.

3. Get or manufacture blocks. At independent production it is reasonable to use the shlakoblochny machine several times increasing labor productivity in comparison with casting in separate forms. It can be borrowed from acquaintances or to rent at the construction organizations. It is not difficult to manufacture the simplest machine and most.

4. Fill in continuous footing for garage, previously having determined its parameters – depth and thickness. The last parameter is chosen taking into account thickness of walls. The most optimal variant – thickness of the base is equal to thickness of walls, but it is not less than 30 cm. Depth of the base is chosen proceeding from frost depth of soil, level of groundwater occurrance, type of soils. For its calculation use one of the existing techniques posted on the construction websites.

5. Miss the mark the surface of the base with bituminous pitch and lay on it waterproofing from 2-3 layers of roofing material which are missed the mark with pitch. The edge of waterproofing has to act on 20-40 mm over the vertical surface of the base.

6. Prepare masonry mortar. On 1 m³ of laying from blocks about 0.05 m³ of solution are required. That walls had smaller heat conductivity, it is desirable to use lime cement mortar with proportion of components 1:0.2:3 (M400 cement: lime: sand). It is possible to use also sand-cement slurry with proportion 1:3 or 1:4, but it has high heat conductivity and will form in wall cold bridges on seams. Besides the sand-cement slurry has low plasticity and cannot long keep the masonry properties.

7. Fix the vertical rails-poryadovki necessary for monitoring vertical position of walls and corners and horizontal position of ranks in corners of the base and door opening.

8. Execute laying of walls. Most often walls of garage spread in one block laid by the sucker (wall thickness turns out 190 mm for the standard block of 390х190х188 mm). But if desired it is possible to do walls of any thickness. Begin laying of each row with corners. Before laying moisten the block with water. Control horizontal position of row the cord tense between rails-poryadovkami. Thickness of seam has to be 1-1.5 cm. Provide bandaging (overlapping) of seams. If further it is supposed to plaster walls, leave seams outside blank on depth about 10 mm.

9. On achievement of top of door opening lay on it two corners 100х100 regiments outside of and in garage. Weld corners among themselves crossing points.

10. As for windows, in terms of safety it is better not to do them at all. If all of you have decided to do, arrange windows of the small sizes in upper part of wall. It is possible to use for this purpose double-glazed windows, having established them in window niche. At insuperable thirst for scope and light it is possible to make window and the big sizes, having immured in them grid from armature 15-20 mm thick. In this case also the door (shutter) which is closed from within garage will be not superfluous.

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