How to construct garage under the house

How to construct garage under the house

It is necessary to think of specific features of construction of garage in house designing process. The underground garage considerably saves the place on the site. There are two options of arrangement of garage under the house: partially underground and on the first floor of the building. Both options create even at construction of the house, all engineering designs (lighting, heating and ventilation) — continuation already available in the house.

It is required to you

  • — load-lifting equipment;
  • — building materials.


1. Develop the project of the house and garage, surely considering data on features of soil on your site. Dig out ditch of the necessary size, at once make entrance way with the necessary bias. Lay reinforced concrete slabs on bottom.

2. Reinforced concrete slabs lay out garage walls, they will be the base for house walls. Across these plates lay reinforced concrete overlapping — at the same time ceiling of garage and floor for the first floor of the house.

3. Cover walls and ceiling of garage with waterproofing. Strengthen small armature and zashtukaturta the room. Establish gate.

4. Registration of entrance is more difficult task, the mistake in design can complicate operation of garage. The room is deeper, the entrance is longer.

5. The trajectory of entrance is divided into three zones: "Starting" — inclination 20 °, length is 3 "mH" — inclination 140-150 °, length is up to 50% of all length of entrance. "Red" — the horizontal site in front of gate 1.2 m long. Do all differences between zones smooth, it is ideal to make before and after the zone "X" sites with inclination 70 °.

6. Equip the road with the braking strips, they will be useful in winter time. Along wall — pedestrian track with hand-rail. So you will have no difficulties in case of frosting of the road. At distance not less than 50 cm from gate make stormwater drainage system, in case of rain and thaw your garage will not be flooded. For protection of walls of entrance against collapse and destruction equip retaining walls.

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